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Good luck with next week’s ruling Sam - I hope it works out better than you predict.

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Wish you luck n stay safe 🙏

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This is the first time I watch the video. I m frustrated, and I feel bad that you have to go through this.

After I read your case, I felt that the judge had made up his mind even before the case began. You, the defendant, had to demonstrate your innocence beyond any reasonable doubt. It is insufficient for you to show that the police lied. It seems like you also have to explain their motive for doing that. To the judge, HK police don’t lie. To the judge, HK police don’t use excessive force. To the judge, there must be a reason why HK police refuse to identify themselves. Every single benefit of doubt goes to the police.

This is not the common law I know, and indeed, this is not the HK I know too. So I wish you plenty of luck. I want you to know that you have done absolutely nothing wrong. God bless you.

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Thank you Andy. I really appreciate your kind words and the reminder. It is hard to stay positive and strong sometimes, and supportive words and reminders like this really help.

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Feb 8, 2022·edited Feb 8, 2022

Best of luck, Sam. Hope you get lucky and get a leftover judge who dares to apply logic and common sense as the CCP is too busy with Winter Olympics. I tried contacting the democrat senators and representatives in your state (I accidentally found your voter registration while searching about your case) before you start the blog but they never replied.

The real justice will be served when the Chinese Communist Party dismantled like the USSR. Right now, please hang tight and keep in mind that we are still with you. Our last discussion required a lot more thought on my part, so I didn't get a chance to reply. Hope we can hear good news tomorrow and continue our discussion when you are back home safe and sound.

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