Thanks for visiting Hong Kong Law & Policy. I’m an American lawyer who lived in Hong Kong for nine years. Many of you may know me from my legal fight related to my wrongful conviction and politically-motivated imprisonment and deportation from Hong Kong.

What’s this newsletter about?

My main purpose in creating this newsletter is to document the deterioration of rule of law in Hong Kong by breaking down the countless ways in which the government ignores and perverts the law to serve its political purposes. I’ll also write about my own ongoing legal battle and my time in Hong Kong’s prisons.

Some of you may wonder why anyone would bother writing about the law in a city where rule of law is treated with such contempt by those in power. I believe that we can’t allow ourselves to normalize the idea that the law no longer matters here. Regardless of how bad things get, I’ll continue to call out and document abuses of law and process, and I’ll encourage others to do the same, because there will never be a point when it will become something that we should just accept.

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